party games

Traditional Party Games

We are gamesters and we love playing games. Our games sessions are tailored to meet your needs. We are comfortable and experienced working with those who have Special Needs.

Our experienced entertainers play traditional musical party games including Pass the Parcel, Musical Chairs with a twist, Musical Bumps, Musical Laps, Limbo and many more.

We play Crab Football with the children which is great fun to play and watch - suitable for both boys and girls. We run Silly Races including Egg n Spoon, Wheelbarrows and a Three Legged Race with small prizes.

Cooperative Party Games

Cooperative Games are great fun and build a sense of community and trust.

They develop social skills such as cooperation, concentration and
non-competitive play.

In Cooperative Games everyone plays together, establishing rapport and good spirit among adults and children.

Sessions build up a feeling of support and caring.

Everyone is included and there is no pressure to win, just an opportunity to join in, connect and have fun.

Play Parachute Games

We have countless fantastic games for a play parachute. These include playing Parachute Football, Sharks, Cat and Mouse, Mushroom, Categories, Frog Face and many more. These fun games involve running under, over and around the parachute. We also use balls and balloons on the parachute and see how high we can make them go, including playing Popcorn where we see how long it takes to bounce them all off the parachute and then back on again.

Children have great fun playing these games and it is a special outdoor experience. We also have a smaller parachute for indoor use when space is limited or the weather is windy/wet.

Party Services

Have a look at our party services and let us help you create your own special event. We entertain all ages and occasions including corporate events with Party packages to suit your needs. Fully insured with current enhanced DBS check as part of our Child Protection Policy.