balloon modelling

Balloon Modelling

Our professional balloonist will chat with each child and create a wonderful balloon model, twisting and knotting before your very eyes. Each model is made especially for your child with the colour they ask for whenever possible and decorating with a wide range of sparkly collage materials to make your model even more special. In quieter moments our talented balloonist will give instructions to a small group and show how them to make their own model.

We provide mass balloon releases as an important component of many celebrations and ceremonies. Each balloon has a postcard attached identifying a specific competitor in the event. The goal is for people to find the balloons when they land and return the postcards to the organizers. The person whose postcard travels the farthest is the winner and will receive a small prize.

Party Services

Have a look at our party services and let us help you create your own special event. We entertain all ages and occasions including corporate events with Party packages to suit your needs. Fully insured with current enhanced DBS check as part of our Child Protection Policy.